Basic Spell Correspondences


This is a small listing of common stones used in Metaphysical work. It is by no means complete and is offered as a guide of ancient beliefs regarding stones. Stones have been revered by many cultures since the beginning of time for their spiritual, magical and supposed healing properties.

AGATE - carried while gardening increases plants' fertility and health. Good for general protection, very effective for protecting children. Healing stone. Increases strength, restores bodily energy, increases courage. Agates, especially banded agates, are good meditation stones.

AMAZONITE - Attracts money and luck, great for gambling. Turns emotional grief into creativity

AMBER - Good luck amulet. Great protective stone, esp. against negative magick. When placed on the altar increase the effectiveness of spells

AMETHYST - Helps to calm fears, reduce stress, dispel negativity, and relieve depression. Increases psychic ability. Stone of spirituality.

APACHE TEARS/OBSIDIAN - Good for grounding/centering. Has AGGRESSIVE protective energies.

AQUAMARINE - Promotes peace, happiness and joy. Cleanses and purifies. Soothes and calms emotions.

BLOODSTONE - Promotes courage and increases psychical strength. Helpful in business and legal matters. Great for healing. Good for dragon magick. Place on altar to "hide" your workings from others.

BLACK ONYX - Defense against negativity. Protects against psychic attacks and hexing.

BLUE LACE AGATE - Wear or carry for peace and happiness. Reduces stress and helps with restful sleep.

CARNELIAN - Increase courage, helps shyness. Promotes self-confidence.

CHRYSOPRACE - Soothes heartache, loneliness. Balances emotions. Reduces fear, heals old traumas/grief.

CITRINE - Helps prevent nightmares. Good luck stone. Increases self-esteem. Draws in business.

CLEAR QUARTZ - Great for psychism, general magick power amplifier. Has the ability to be programmed with the powers of ANY stone and then substituted for that stone in any working.

FLUORITE - Strengthens all other stones. Helps clear thoughts. Lowers anger, depression, desperation.

GARNET - Increases self-esteem, courage, strength. Repels negative energy on contact.

GREEN AVENTURINE - Great good luck stone. Attracts money. Gambler stone. General healing stone.

GREEN MOSS AGATE - Awesome stone for gardening. Good for money and happiness spells.

HEMATITE - Especially good for healing. Grounding stone. Helps with migraine headaches.

JADE - Good for wisdom attracts love and helps to increase life span. Useful for protection and gardening.

LABRADORITE - Increases inner strength and courage. Helps draw success to one. Opens the heart to receive love.

LAPIS LAZULI - Wonderful all around stone. Improves emotional, physical, spiritual and psychic conditions. Relieves depression. Promotes peace. Protective and courage inducing.
LEOPARDSKIN AGATE - Very protective. Increases courage and strength. Good for healing.

LEPIDOLITE - Stone of peace. Soothes anger, hate, and negativity. Calms. Quiets your home. For spirituality.

MALACHITE - Money stone increases business success. Clams and soothes.

MOONSTONE - Good all-around stone. Great for divination/psychism. Love drawing. Keep with tarot cards or runes to heighten powers

OBSIDIAN - Stabilizes fear and panic states. Extremely protective. Excellent for grounding, centering, scrying, and past life regression work.

PERIDOT - Guards against illusions and nightmares. Clams even the most raging anger. Calms nervousness and banishes all negative emotions. Good for general healing, promoting sleep and attracting money.

RED JASPER - Increases courage and self-esteem. Eases pain of childbirth. Protective esp. in defensive magick. Can be used to send negativity back to sender. Great luck stone.

RHODONITE - promotes peace, happiness, joy and laughter. Attracts love. Helps promote balance.

ROSE QUARTZ - the love stone. Opens the heart chakra. Aids in self-love, connecting to the love of the Creator. Extremely love attracting. Promotes happiness and fidelity in an established relationship.

RUTILATED QUARTZ - energy stone, which increases effectiveness of magick. Clears chakras. Magnifies positive energy while dispelling all negative energy.

SMOKY QUARTZ - Excellent grounding stone. Overcomes depression and other negative emotions. Draws negativity out and away from one.

SODALITE - Stills the mind and relaxes the body. Good meditation stone. Promotes wisdom and spirituality.

SUNSTONE - Very protective. Increases physical energy. Can increase sexual energy.

TIGER EYE - Protects against all forms of danger. Promotes wealth and money, increases energy

TOPAZ (BLUE) - Promotes peace, calms emotions. Halts nightmares. Use in purification rites.

TURQUOISE - Powerful healing stone. Protective against danger, great for people who travel a lot. Attracts new friends and love. Good for money attraction spells. As well as loose stones jewelry made with these stones can be worn to take advantage of their powerful properties.

This is not by any means a complete listing of abilities for each stone or even a complete list of stones. For an excellent book on stones we suggest "Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystals, Gem and Metal Magick by Scott Cunningham", available through our shoppe.


This is a small listing of common herbs used in Metaphysical work. It is by no means complete and is offered as a guide of ancient beliefs regarding herbs. Herbs have been revered by many cultures since the beginning of time for their spiritual, magical and supposed healing properties. Herbs may be added to mixtures to create homemade incense blends, added to Mojo bags, placed in dream pillows, burned as offerings, powdered and sprinkled around the home or spell area, added to bath water or even crushed and added to candle spells.

ALOE: Attracts good fortune, Banishes negativity, Will attract love if carried or worn, Good for healing burns, When added to other mixtures increases their strength.

ANGELICA: Protection. Wards off Evil. Removes curses and hexes. Healing. Gambaling.

BASIL: Love, wealth, to attract customers to a place of business, protection From evil

CARNATION: Used in all forms of Protection. Gives strength to people who are healing. Healing.

CATNIP: Cat Magick. Love. Beauty. Happiness.

CHAMOMILE: Money. Sleep. Love. Purification.

CINNAMON: Draws money, protection, healing, passion, clairvoyance, raise spiritual Vibrations.

CLOVES: Attract riches, drive away negative forces, purify the home, stop From gossiping about you

DAMIANA: Lust. Love. Visions.

EUCALYPTUS: Healing. Protection.

GALANGAL: Protection. Lust. Health. Money. Psychic Powers. Hex Breaking.

GARLIC: Protection. Healing. Exorcisim. Lust. Anti theft.

HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR: Money. Love. Success. Happiness.

HOLLY: Protection. Anti-Lightning. Luck. Dream magick.

HYSSOP: Purification. Protection.

JASMINE: Calms nerves, induces sleep. Attracts love. Draws money. Psychic Dreams

JUNIPER: Protection. Anti theft. Love. Exorcism. Health.

LAVENDAR: Love. Induce sleep/rest. Brings peacefulness. Healing. Add to Purification baths.

MANDRAKE/MAY APPLE: Protection. Fertility. Money. Love. Health. Increases psychic awareness. Induces visions when burned. Adds power to all spells.

MISTLETOE: Protection. Love. Hunting. Fertility. Healing. Exorcism.

MUGWORT: Empower scrying tools, prophetic dreams, astral travel, clairvoyance

MULLEIN: Courage. Love. Keep away nightmares. Graveyard dust substitute

NETTLE: Protection, keep evil out, ward off ghosts. Keep away negativity.

ROSE: Love, promote joy, healing, fast luck, calm household upheavals

ROSEMARY: Powerful purifying vibrations, keep away nightmares, lust inducing

RUE: Healing. Health. Mental Powers. Exorcism. Love. Money. Burn to bring better business.

SAGE: Cleansing, purification, protection. Healing. Money.

SANDALWOOD: Protection. Wishes. Healing. Exorcism. Spirituality.

WORMWOOD: Psychic ability. Love. Summon spirits.

YARROW: Healing. Divination. Overcome fears, grant courage. Love.

This is not by any means a complete listing of abilities for each herb or even a complete list of herbs. For an excellent book on herbs we suggest "Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs or The Complete book of Incesne, Oils and Brews By Scott Cunningham", available through our shoppe.

Gums and Resins

Gums and Resins make excellent "natural" incenses. Though some gums and resins can be expensive, they really are worth the cost. You only use a little of each resin or gum, so a little goes a long way. Gums and resins come from trees and are hard to mix with other mixtures. Gums and resins are hard to crush and blend because of their sticky natures.

Gums and Resins

BENZOIN: Purification. Prosperity.

CAMPHOR: Chastity. Health. Divination.

COPAL: Love. Purification. Copal was sacred to the Mayans because it is said to summon the spirits of the ancestors.

DRAGONS'S BLOOD: Purfication. Protection. Exorcism. Adds strength and power to all magickal worrkings. Is sacred in Dragon magick.

FRANKINCENSE: Protection. Exorcism. Spirituality.

MYRRH: Protection. Healing. Exorcism. Spirituality.

Sacred Woods

Sacred Woods

BIRCH: Protection. Exorcism. Purification.

ELDER: Sacred to the goddess. Never Burn. Exorcism. Protection. Healing. Prosperity. Sleep.

HAWTHORN: Protection. Magick. Sacred to dragons and the Fae.

OAK: Protection. Healing. Strength. Health. Money. Fertility. Luck. Honor.

PINE: Healing. Fertility. Protection. Exorcism. Money.

Days of the Week

Days of the Week

Below you will find the meanings of the days of the week and how each of their powers can be added to any spell.

Planet: The Sun
Basic Energy: Will
Basic Magick: Success
Element: Fire
Color: Yellow or Gold
Rules: Leo
Sunday is named for the sun. The sun represents all things positive and warm. Any magickal working performed on this day gains a burst of magick from the sun. Healing, magick to bring new beginnings, cleansings and blessings are best if performed on this day.

Planet: The Moon
Basic Energy: Emotion
Basic Magick: Protection, Psychism
Element: Water
Color: White, silver or Blue
Rules: Cancer
Monday is the day named for the powers of the moon. Any magick dealing with dreams, the subconcious mind or getting rid of fears performed on this day gains extra power from the moon.

Planet: Mars
Basic Energy: Action
Basic Magick: War, Change
Element: Fire
Color: Red
Rules: Aries, Scorpio
Tuesday is named for the Greek god of war, Aries as well as being named for the Norse god of war Tiw. Any magick dealing with getting rid of negativity, banishing bad habits or creating and maintaining protections, wards or defenses is best performed on this day.

Planet: Mercury
Basic Energy: Speed
Basic Magick: Communication
Element: Air
Color: Blue, Silver
Rules: Gemini, Virgo
Wednesday is named for Woden or other Wise known as Odin the Norse god of wisdom and magick. Magick to increase understanding, open communication, become a better speaker, retain knowledge or seek insight and wisdom is best performed on this day.

Planet: Jupiter
Basic Energy: Expansion
Basic Magick: Money
Element: Fire
Color: Purple
Rules: Sagittarius, Pisces
Thursday is named for Thor the Norse god of thunder and lightening. Magick performed to increase anything, money, happiness, prosperity is strongest if performed on this day.

Planet: Venus
Basic Energy: Socialization
Basic Magick: Love, Friendships
Element: Air
Color: Green
Rules: Taurus, Libra
Friday is named for Fraya the Norse goddess of Love, passion, fire and motherhood. Any type of love, relationship or partnership magick is best performed on this day.

Planet: Saturn
Basic Energy: Knowledge
Basic Magick: Knowledge seeking, cursing
Element: Earth
Color: Black
Rules: Capricorn, Aquarius
Saturday is named for the Greek Titan Chronos, who in Roman Mythology converted into Saturn. Chronos was the titan of time and the ruler of the gods before his son Zeus castrated him and took his throne. Any banishing magick performed on this day is strongest.

Moon Phases

Moon Phases
NEW MOON: This is the phase of the moon inwhich there is no moon seen in the sky. This moon is good for any type of banishing magick and is sacred to the dark goddesses.

WAXING MOON: This is the name we give to the moon phase in which the moon is growing. This moon phase is good for any magick to increase something. This moon is sacred to maiden goddesses.

FULL MOON: This is the phase of the moon where it appears full and glowing in the night time sky. Any and all magick, workings, spells, chants and charms are greatly strengthened by the power of this moon. This moon is sacred to all goddesses but especially those called mother goddesses.

WANNING MOON: This it the phase of the moon where the moon apears to be disappearing from the night time sky. This moon phase is also good for banishing negative influences from one's life. This moon is sacred to the crone goddess.