Spell Crafting

The following spells are just some examples of spell crafting. Feel free to change them and to write your own. I personally believe that the spells you write yourself are more powerful and meaningful for you than the ones you find in a book or on the web. After all, you are putting your energy into them from the beginning to the end when you construct your own spell. However, these simple spells will get you started.


Take your Money candle and dress it in the usual way. Close your eyes and visualize a huge Horn of Plenty (Cornucopia) over your head, filled with a boundless supply of treasures. See the contents pouring all around you, money, jewels, checks, etc. piling up all around. See yourself holding your arms up, laughing and dancing, even rolling in the money, as you receive all this bounty of abundance.
When you are through visualizing light your candle and chant the following three times with feeling:

Great bounty of the Universe
Now shower down on me.
I’m a child of the Goddess
And I deserve prosperity.
All the treasures of the Universe
Are mine to behold.
So mote it, three times three times three.


Chant the following while thinking thoughts of passion...

Herbs of flaming passion’s height
I draw your power to me this night.
Passion from within, passion from below
Enflame us both this night
With your fiery glow.
So mote it be, 3X 3X 3.


Light your candle and dress as usual. Good oils for this are Sandalwood, Frankincense and Myrrh. Light your candle. Look deeply into the flame. See the flame bathing you with a glowing, protective light. Chant the following 3 times while turning widdershins (counterclockwise) in each direction starting in the East:

Nothing in the East can harm me;
nothing in the North can harm me,
Nothing in the West can harm me,
Nothing in the South can harm me,
Nothing from above can harm me,
Nothing from below can harm me,
None shall pass this protective flame.
I am safe and protected
In the Goddess’ name.
So mote it be, 3X 3X 3.


Take a black candle as you light the candle chant the following three times. Imagine that all the negativity you are wanting to banish swirling over your head as a huge black mist, imagine that as the candle is lit that a huge gust of wind blows this mist far, far away from you.

With the lighting of this flame
I call upon the four
Winds of change
To carry away and
Keep at bay
All negativity
From my day
As I will it, so mote it be


Chant the following three times as you turn counterclockwise:

Evil sent must come to rest
Send it back to the one who knows it best!
Energy spent for darkness and bane
Go back now from whence you came!
Far away I send you this hour.
May all your attempts to harm turn sour!
So mote it be 3X3X3.

(This should only be used cautiously as it is very powerful)


Light a silver or white candle as you chant the following three times:

Candle, candle burning bright
In the darkness of the night
Bring to me the Second Sight.
I empower you to shine the way
The future I will see today.

So mote it be.

Take three slow breaths and then chant the following three times:

I am calm at last.
My mind is at peace.
From this moment on I trust
That all my worries cease.
So mote it be.


Light a blue candle and imagine your self healthy and happy. Chant the following three times:

With this candle
And by the Sun
Wellness and I are
Now as one.
Healing energies
Come my way.
And they start this
Very day!
As I will it, so mote it be


Light a white candle and chant the following:

Candle of Power, Candle of Might,
Do heed my pleas this very night.
May power flow from candle fire
And bring to me my heart’s desire.
My will is strong, my cause is won,
So mote it be, this spell is done.


Chant the following three times:

All great Powers that there be
From Fire, Wind, Land and Sea,
Send my own true love to me.
Aphrodite open wide your arms
Make him/her aware of all my charms.
Lips to lips and Heart to heart
May we live with joy and never part.

So be it.


Chant the following three times:

Money come and money grow,
Money’s mine; to me it flows!
As I will it, the money grows
By leaps and bounds—it overflows.
Coins that jingle, coins that shine
Come to me now—you are mine!


Light an orange candle as you imagine yourself loosing the weight you want to lose. Chant the following:

Candle burning in the night
Work to curb my appetite.
Bring good health back into sight.
Give me strength to stay away
From foods where fat and sugar play.
Bring the will power that I need
As I will, so mote it be!



Before going out to gamble take the money you are going to take with you to gamble. Take from that a dollar and place in your shoe. This way you wont come home broke. Now with the rest of the money in your writing hand, close your eyes and see that money multipling very rapidly. Chant the following three times and then go gamble:
Money come and money grow.
Money green to me now flow.
Like a magnet, draw good luck and money.
It flows to me like milk and honey.
Success come wrap your spell around
My gambling luck and make it sound.
Success and fortune fill my till.
So mote it be, just as I will!