Candle Magick

Whenever one thinks of spells and witches, one is sure to always envision a scene lit by candle light. Some may even see the clever witch lighting a charmed candle. The use of candles in ritual is an old practice and flows through many religious practices. From Catholicism to Voodoo and hoodoo to our own Modern American Witchcraft practices. All religions use the power of candle in some way or another, whither they know it or not. The use of candles to build power and execute a spell is called candle magick. Candle magick is one of the easiest and most effective forms of magick a modern Witch has at his or her disposal. A candle when lit calls upon the ancient powers of fire. A Witch will empower a candle with her/his desires and goals and once the candle is lit the steady burning of the candle builds up the power to enact the change desired. Simple and effective.

Candle Preparation:
Before any candle can be used for a spell or working, it must be ritually prepared and imbued with power. There are many ways that one may bless and or ritually prepare a candle for use in magick. Spell candles are inscribed with the purpose, anointed with special oils and even rolled in herbs specific to the purpose of the spell.
When anointing the candle it is important to remember a few key instructions. There are two ways one may anoint pillars, tapers and other “long” candles. The first is to simply hold the candle (wick towards you to bring things to you, wick away from you to send things away or get rid of things) and starting from either the bottom (banish) or the top (invoke) of the candle in one fluid motion rub oil on the surface of the candle. Turn the candle and repeat the motion until the candle is coated. Never “stroke” the candle back and forth. Use one motion one way to anoint the candle. The other is to simply begin from the center of the candle and as before in one motion go from center to tip and then turn the candle and go from center to bottom.
To give the candle purpose one may inscribe words, runes and other symbols that represent the desired result of the working into the wax of the candle. Others may simply chant over the candle, say out loud their desires or simply envision the desired out come while preparing the candle. No matter the way that you may choose to empower the candle, it is very important that you keep a clear vision of the desired out come in mind while preparing candles for any spell.
Other than anointing and carving, candles may be rolled in herbs specific to the working, to add extra power to the candle. It’s as simple as it sounds…after carving the candle and anointing it simply “roll” the candle in crushed herbs.
Some say that just as important as the desire of the spell, is the color of the candle selected for the working. Others will say it’s the time and energy you spend preparing the candle. Still others will argue over the correct meanings of the color of candles and their use. Listed below are what we feel are the common colors and their uses:

White- Balance, Spiritual enlightenment, Purification, Protection, Cleansing, Clairvoyance, Healing, Truth, May be substituted for any other color
Yellow- Air, Activity, Creativity, Drawing/Pulling, Compelling, Unity, Communication, Concentration, Helps with all intellectual endeavors. Yellow also represents the sun and solar energy.
Gold- Promotes understanding, Attracts the power of cosmic forces, Fast luck, Wealth, Riches and also represents the God/Sun.
Pink- Romance, Friendship, Bring affection, Color of femininity, Honor, Service and Promotes friendship.
Orange- Changes and recharges intellect, Better business and Promotes new beginnings
Turquoise- Healing, Prosperity, Peace and Growth
Peach- Strength, Protection, Confidence, and Communication
Rose- Maintaining health, Patience, Passion, and Peace
Orchid- Physical energy, Happiness, Power and Healing
Violet- Spirituality, Friendship, Relaxation, and Peace
Chartreuse- Confidence, Prosperity, Travel and Growth
Red- Health, Passion, Love, Fertility, Strength, Courage, Will Power, Increases Magnetism in rituals
Silver- Removes negativity and encourages stability, Develops psychic abilities, attracts the influence of the mother goddess
Purple- Power, Success, Idealism, Psychic manifestations; ideal for rituals to secure ambitions, independence, financial rewards, or to make contact with the spiritual other world
Brown- Earth, Material increase, eliminates indecisiveness, improves powers of concentration, Study, Telepathy, Financial success, Locates objects that have been lost
Blue- Water, Wisdom, Harmony, Inner peace, Truth, Guidance, Healing
Green- Earth, Prosperity, Abundance, Success; Good luck, Money, Harmony Rejuvenation
Black- Banish evil or negativity, Balancing