Hoodoo Figure Candles

Adam and Eve Figure Candles

Let Papa Moses conjure ya up som'thin child...this gonna be gooooood!

Adam and Eve figure candles are used in spell work to represent a man and a woman. These candles can also be used to represent the Goddess and God.

Adam and Eve Candles $9.99 each (Adam and Eve sold seperately)

Black To send back evil, gain control, for hexing
PinkTo bring true love
Red Arouse passion, lust

  • Red Adam
  • Red Eve
  • Black Adam
  • Black Eve
  • Pink Adam
  • Pink Eve

Lovers-For passion, sexual control

MARRIAGE-bride and groom, find your mate, get someone to marry you

Seven Knob "wishing" candles. These candles can be used for seven different wishes or the same one done seven times

Seven Knob "Wishing" Candle $9.99 each

Black Repel evil; to curse, for break-up spells
Green Money, good harvest, better business
Red Arouse passion, lust, love

  • Red Seven Knob Hoodoo Candle
  • Green Seven Knob Hoodoo Candle
  • Black Seven knob Hoodoo Candle

Snake Candle-Powerful protection against all evil, to reverse harmful magick sending it back to the sender; used in revenge spells; use to “stop a cheating man’s nature”

Skull-Send back evil, correct a wrong; cursing an enemy, revenge