Hoodoo Herbs

We offer below some of the strongest herbs, roots and plant curios available in spiritual and Hoodoo practice.

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Hoodoo Herbs, Roots and Curios
$2.99 a package

  • Agrimony:Powerful herb used to reverse a curse, remove a hex or break a jinx.

  • Basil:Powerful herb of great importance. Used to bring in money and prosperity, encourages a happy family life, peaceful home and wards against evil.

  • Black Snake Root:Used in spells to rid oneself of snakes; both figuratively and actually. Rids oneself of false friends.

  • Five Finger Grass: Herb with the virtue of being able to do anything five fingers can do. Success in all things and is used for cleansing and gambling.

  • Job's Tears:Used in special 7 day spell to grant an important wish.

  • Juniper Berries:Powerful herb used to attract physical love, increase lust, virility in men and desire in women.

  • Lavender:Promotes romance, passion, harmony in both opposite and same sex relationships.

  • Mullien:Powerful herb used in crossing, hexing and tricking magicks. Used in place of graveyard dirt. Burned as an incense to "wake" the spirits of the dead.

  • Mustard Seed:Causes confusion to enemies; disrupts police and court activites.

  • Mint: Used to break spells and remove jinxes; to gain mental strength and concentration during difficult or stressful times.

  • Queen Elizabeth Root: Root used to attract and control men; used by both women and gay men. Superior to all other love drawing curios.

  • Rose:Used in all matters of love. Strongest when mixed with Lavender.

  • Rosemary: Used as protection against evil; used to cleanse, to ensure faithfulness and give women control in the household.

  • Rue:Used to break hexes or jinxes placed on you. Wards off the evil eye and draws wealth and prosperity. Especially strong when mixed with basil.

  • Vandal Root: Used to uncross as well as jinx an enemy. Stops marital fighting and stops unwanted people from visiting.

  • Yarrow: Increases psychic power and induces courage and breavery.