Chime Ritual Mini Candles
Mini ritual Candles
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These high quality candles come in packages of 20 and have a normal burn time of 2 1/2 hours and are perfect for altar, ritual or spell use.

Chime/Mini Candle Box $11.99

--Red: A box of 20 red mini candles
--Blue: A box of 20 blue mini candles
--Yellow: A box of 20 yellow mini candles
--Green: A box of 20 green mini candles
--White: A box of 20 white mini candles
--Black: A box of 20 black mini candles
--Purple: A box of 20 purple mini candles
--Orange: A box of 20 orange mini candles
--Pink: A box of 20 pink mini candles
--Altar Mix: This box includes a mix of 4 red, 4 green, 4 blue, 4 yellow and 4 white candles

Metallic Gold or Silver Mini Candles 20 to a box $26.99

--Gold Metallic: A box of 20 gold metallic candles
--Silver Metallic: A box of 20 silver metallic mini candles

Figure Candles

Adam and Eve Figure Candles

Adam and Eve figure candles are used in spell work to represent a man and a woman. These candles can also be used to represent the Goddess and God. Black is used in hex/jinx casting and undoing, red is used to incite passion and lust, pink candles are used to create love.

Adam and Eve Candles $9.99 each (Adam and Eve sold seperately)

  • Red Adam
  • Red Eve
  • Black Adam
  • Black Eve
  • Pink Adam
  • Pink Eve

Lovers-For passion, sexual control

MARRIAGE-bride and groom, find your mate, get someone to marry you

Seven Knob "wishing" candles. These candles can be used for seven different wishes or the same one done seven times. Black is used to repel evil; to curse, for break-up spells, green for money, good harvest, better business and red is used to arouse passion, lust, love

Seven Knob "Wishing" Candle $9.99 each

  • Red Seven Knob Hoodoo Candle
  • Green Seven Knob Hoodoo Candle
  • Black Seven knob Hoodoo Candle

Snake Candle-Powerful protection against all evil, to reverse harmful magick sending it back to the sender; used in revenge spells; use to “stop a cheating man’s nature”

Skull-Send back evil, correct a wrong; cursing an enemy, revenge

Motor City Brand Hoodoo Candles
Motor City Brand Hoodoo Candles

Motor City Hoodoo Candles are inspired by the old-time Hoodoo recipes and conjures that Root Workers incorporated into every day magic. Each recipe was very carefully crafted to be powerful, effective and work very fast. A unique spell is provided with each candle. You are encouraged to add your own words to make them personal to your situation.


  • ADAM AND EVE– Strong Marriage Candle – Strengthen your marriage and the love you share for one another.
  • ADAM AND STEVE– Gay Men Love and Union candle
  • ALICE AND EVE– Lesbian Love and Union candle
  • COME TO ME– Draw and compel your love interest into your arms
  • CROWN OF GLORY– Success, victory in all endeavors
  • FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION– Very strong! Protection from evil, harmful thoughts and actions of others.
  • FOUR WINDS OF PROTECTION– Four winds protect you in every direction and blow away all troubles and negativity
  • GOSSIP STOP– Shut your mouth! Stop gossip in its tracks and reverse the damage it has done.
  • HIGH JOHN– High John the Conqueror root is the most powerful herb in Hoodoo. This candle uses that powerful magic for success over any obstacle.
  • LUCKY 7– Increase luck, good fortune. Often used by gamblers and for lottery, games of chance
  • MONEY DRAW– Attract the money you need and desire.
  • ROAD OPENER– Clears your path of obstacles and opens a smooth road before you.
  • SCALES OF JUSTICE– Helps in court cases. Weighs the scales of justice in your favor. Makes all figures of authority sympathetic to your side.
  • SPIRITUAL CLEANSING– Clears away old energies, negative thoughts and feelings, overwhelming emotions and feelings of unrest and self-doubt. Use this candle any time you feel the need.
  • STEADY WORK– Burn to find a new job or better job, or to help protect you from lay-offs.
  • TRANQUIL HOME– Smooth over arguments, solve disputes, and bring peace to the entire household. Good for blessing a new home as well.
  • UNCROSSING– Remove spells, hexes, negative workings of others against you